How many bullets?

by Rex Goliath

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Anders Ericsson - Drums/Backing Vocals
Dominic Miranda - Guitar/Vocals
KrystL Johnson - Bass


released August 11, 2014

Recorded by Damien Wendel of Dinners and Momotaro at Big Timber Studios in San Jose, CA

Mixed by Damien Wendel and Dominic Miranda



all rights reserved


Rex Goliath San Jose, California

Rex Goliath is a political band from San Jose, CA. Members are Dominic Miranda, Damien Wendel and Krystl Johnson.

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rexgoliathmusic at

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Track Name: Red Mist
I don't remember having a say or vote for
the USA funding wars
With my tax dollah
Israel will burn Gaza
You've got your big drone bomb
I think you got it all fucking wrong
Now you're just red mist
They don't point they click
That's how you'd have it
all of the time
I don't remember paying for military
funding wars and the kids they bury
A PTSD generation
and the war scenes they carry
Track Name: The Working Poor
I am the working man and i aint got no pull
They gave me some hours but not enough to work full
There aint no union to stick up for us
They don't even pay all that fuckin all that fuck MUCH!
I am the working poor just looking for some more
so don't call it a hand out
I am the working poor just looking for some more
So when i ask for Medi-CAL don't call it a hand out!
I am the working man can't afford a crutch
there aint no bootstraps here
we are riding dutch
I can't speak my mind shove it in a hutch
cost of living here cost so fucking cost so fucking much!
Track Name: How many bullets?
how many bullets does it hold?
can I shoot up a school?
how many bullets can it hold?
no meds and time to be bold
It is . All The. Suburban landscape children are up...